2009 Gallery

A great year is in store for 2009, with many events in store this year! Please browse all our galleries and feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have pictures you would like added of events or members!

St. Andrews Dinner

Annual Church Service held at Grace Presbyterian

Dedication of Saint Andrews Park

Official opening of St. Andrew’s Park

2009 Fredericton Highland Games

This past Weekend of July Fredericton hosted it’s annual Highland games. Below are some pictures taken during the weekends celebration of Scottish Heritage!

Visitor from Scotland

Judy Parrott of Rothesay, Scotland meet with us at Saint Andrew’s Lounge on April 24th to take some photos for a display that will be set up in the Scottish Parliament of Rotheay, N. B. and the Scottish elements around it.

Tartan Day

In Celebration of Tartan Day we gathered at City Hall for the Ceremonial raising of the Saltire!

Burns Dinner

Our Celebration of Burns on his 250th Anniversary.

Photos Courtesy of Robert Thomson