8th Annual Saint Andrew’s Society Whisky Nosing and Tasting Workshop

Hope this note finds you all well, cheerful and most likely longing for spring after a long winters repast. This note serves as a reminder that its but a few days more than two weeks till our annual “Whisky Tasting Workshop” will take place and since more than a few of you folks expressed an interest in attending quite some time ago I thought it prudent to contact you at this time to ensure you’re interest is secure and to suggest you mark your calendars that you might not forget this highlight of the year.

            Many of you have attended our workshops in the past but there are always a few new faces each year and this year is no different, therefore if you will bear with me for the benefit of the new folks joining us this year, I’ll explain and pass along some information on what you may expect when attending our tasting …

Frank Scott and his wife Jackie are our hosts each year and will take us so skillfully through all the facets of whisky from its earliest beginnings to how best to enjoy the “Nectar of the Gods” we hold in a glass today  … Frank Scott is considered and recognized as an expert in malt whiskey, his and Jackie’s bar  “The Lunar Rogue” in Fredericton is rated by Whisky Magazine as one of the world’s best whisky bars. Frank has a wonderfully smooth and clear way of expressing himself with regard to whisky and I would wager there would be very few questions that could be asked of him that he could not answer completely and in a manner so clearly understandable, you will be pleasantly surprised with his knowledge of whisky, he’s a great teacher and you should learn a lot from Frank …

Our workshop this year will feature “Classic Distillers Editions” all can be purchased in New Brunswick (if not sold out) and I’ve noted the cost of each … The lineup is noted below:

•        Coal Ila Distillers Edition …            $99.99

•        Lagavulin …                                    $119.99

•        Cragganmore …                               $79.99

•        Dalwhinnie …                                 $89.99

•        Oban …                                           $109.99

•        Talisker Isle of Skye …                   $82.98

 Our tastings are held each year in a wonderful venue, St. Andrew’s lounge of the St. John & St. Stephen Nursing home on University Avenue, this year’s date is Friday March 30th at 7:00PM … Cost is $50.00 per person … We limit the number of guests attending our workshops to (35) max. if possible … A couple of free gift draws and “heel” auction is held after the tasting  … We also provide a nice light lunch of sandwiches, cheese, tea and coffee before you go on your way at the close of the evening … And of course a “Wee Dram” or two of another nice malt is offered as we gather together for fellowship after the tasting …

It’s our belief we put on a class tasting and feel very confident you’ll not be disappointed … Hoping to see you all there on the 30th . Also I’ve heard from some of you already and appreciate your continued interest, those I’ve not heard from for quite some time I ask that you please contact me as soon as possible of your interest, we do have a waiting list and if you are unable to make it I could offer your seat to another. Also some of you have provided names of friends etc. that this note will not reach, if that is the case please consider this and either pass the note along or otherwise contact each of them to ensure they are aware of our upcoming tasting that they might not miss out on this great event.

 Yours Aye

John Watson

Society treasurer