Club Buffet Dinner


Saint Andrew’s Society Quarterly Meeting Rescheduled for Thursday Evening 7:00 PM, February 19 th 2015

Saint Andrews Lounge of St. John & St. Stephen Nursing Home on University Avenue …

Yours Aye


Gentlemen and Lassies (of course):

Because of the snow storms on earlier dates that caused

The organizers of the event have rescheduled the Ceildh

information on the note below still applies (for those who missed an earlier chance can now get out to a fine time)

Ceildh at the Hampton Resource Center, 31 DeMille Court, Hampton on New date February 15 th 2015 beginning at 7:00PM … $15.00 … There will be a cash bar and Scottish fare of the type we all look forward to and enjoy … A wonderful line up of Celtic entertainers including our very own Society Members Jim Stewart, Rev. John Martin …

& I attended that event and were not disappointed, we simply loved it, so all you Scotts and those who want to be, get on the phone to the lovely Lassies Joyce McInnes 832-5591 and Ann MacAndrew 847-2232 to make arrangements for tickets (don’t wait too long as last year, they sold out!!!)

enough to “wet your appetite”, it is also nice knowing the event is for a very good cause “Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick Humanities Program” …

wonderful wives of our very own Society members Bob McInnis and Rob MacAndrew, so you see our “Grand ole” Society is well represented with organizers and entertainers at this event … We pride ourselves on being great supporters of quality Scottish events and this Ceildh fits our standards completely …

ordering tickets …

Also note, the organizers wish to convey, a full purchase cost for tickets purchased for earlier dates will be refunded if you are unable to make this

Yours aye


Whisky Nosing and Tasting Workshop

An early notice informing you all of the Society’s annual Whisky Nosing and Tasting Workshop planned for Friday evening March 27 th … This year will be the 11 th tasting our Society has sponsored and again this year as for all (10) previous tastings Mr. Frank Scott a celebrated world renown expert on the elixir of life along with his life partner and wife Jackie will conduct the workshop. Those of you who’ve been with us in previous years know full well the ability Frank has for imparting some of his vast store of knowledge, to (us) the folk who enjoy so much a”wee dram” occasionally!!! …

The whiskys have been purchased the evening plans completed and only require you and your friends to come out and enjoy … Call early to reserve your seat … Particulars noted below

11 TH Annual Society Whisky Nosing and Tasting Workshop

Conducted by Frank Scott of Fredericton


Simonds Lions Den (Upper Room) of Loch Lomond Villa

On Loclomd Road

7:30PM Friday March 27 th 2015

Cost $50.00 per person

There will be (6) offerings of exquisite whiskys for tasting

A couple of nice smooth tasting blends and malts to tease the pallet during refreshment and fellowship period after the workshop presentations

Light lunch provided

Our usual heel auction

Several free gift draws

It’s always been a grand night and this year will be no different …

This year’s offerings are quite likely the best yet offered, and are …

Ardeg Auriverdes (limited edition) … $169.99

Dalmore Cigar Malt … $129.99

Glenmoragie 18 year … $157.99

Highland Park 18 year … $149.99

Talisker 57 o North … $169.99

Tomatintoul 21year … $159.99

There you have it gentlemen, savor and enjoy the thought of sipping these fine malts … But don’t forget give me a call as soon as possible to reserve your place among us …

Yours Aye




George McCaughey has once again most graciously made notice for our members that there will be a “Club Buffet Dinner” at Riverside Golf  and Country Club on “Wednesday April 30th 2014” … cost is $30.00 per person (tax and gratuity included)

This is the 3rd club dinner George has arranged for us, the others were wonderful and the meal is spectacular at a very modest cost … So let’s “grab our spouses” and head on out to the Country Club for dinner on the 30th of April … We arrange the tables that we are all together aiding great conversation, fellowship and just a grand ole time …

Drop me a note or call to let me know you will be there, we should have no trouble at all gathering together 12 couples (hopefully more)…

Yours Aye