Rugby Shirts

There has been some interest among a few members feeling we should consider looking into purchasing rugby shirts with our logo emblazoned on to them … Some preliminary inquiries have been made already and good quality shirts with our logo and your name (if you wish) can be had for an approximate cost of $70.00 …


The reason for this note is simply to determine the interest level of this idea … If there is enough interest to move forward with this, the group would determine style, colour, markings etc.


I really believe this is a good idea, we’ve got a good thing going with this “Grand ole Society” most of us are not getting any younger and a little fun and fellowship with great folks of similar interests is not a bad thing. Many of us took part the other night in a reception at “Pete’s Pub” for the Scottish Women’s Curling Team that were in our town competing at the Ford World Women’s Curling Tournament and all the folks I’ve spoken with have had nothing but rave reviews of that event, and the team along with their families were noticeably thrilled to death, this will surely be a fond memory for them for many years, and it was wonderful thing we did and it made me feel real good that we did this for these folks I’m, so pleased with our Society just now and believe there is so much more to do, simply put forth an idea


Back to the Rugby shirts, which looks absolutely great worn with a kilt (you would look good wearing your kilt, rugby shirt and casual footwear, I can see you now strutting your stuff!!! ) … Let’s get some interest in this project and hopefully we get it  underway, we’ll do nothing till we’ve heard back from you folks, so simply let me know, and I’ll keep you posted on the progress …


Yours aye